Chroma Design System

Chroma is IAG's design system for UI designers, UXers, and front-end developers

Chroma is a multi-brand design system offering UI kits and component libraries which help deliver consistent user experiences.

Chroma component examples


View brand styles and branded chroma components for each brand

Develop With Chroma

Developer guide

Information on accessibility, using components, using brands, FAQs, and tutorials

Chroma Bit Documentation

Documentation for chroma’s modular react packages

Chroma React Documentation

Documentation for chroma-react components

Design With Chroma

Designer onboarding

Get an overview of chroma’s designer tools and resources

Chroma design system figma

All of chroma’s branded UI Kits in Figma

Get Support

Raise a Jira ticket

Raise a JIRA ticket for development issues and support requests


Get support on design issues from other designers and the chroma team on Slack


Get support on development issues from other devs and the chroma team on Slack

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